Camp’s History

Pioneer Bible Camp traces its genesis to the early 1960s, when John and Sue Lovegrove began hosting camp at a borrowed sheep corral in the mountains of Howe, ID. In 1965, the Lovegroves began renting a facility near Palisades, ID and accepted the official position of Director of Palisades Bible Camp, a position in which they served through 1975.  The number of campers, however, quickly outpaced the Palisades facilities. So, in 1973, camp leadership divided the region into northern and southern districts. Palisades Bible Camp moved northward near Blackfoot, ID and Pioneer Bible Camp was formed under the directorship of Dwight Hagee to serve the southern sector. Two years later, under new director John Romanosky, Pioneer Bible Camp moved to a rental facility in the upper Ogden Valley of Utah. John continued as director until 1988 when leadership passed to Steve and Rhonda Ransom.   In 1990, the Lord enabled PBC to purchase 65 acres in the Ogden Valley and, for twenty-five years, has prospered the camp in that location. PBC has gone from rugged tent-camping to 7 fully plumbed and wired buildings, 14 cabins, 9 weeks of summer camp, plus Retreats, Family Camps and Rallies in the extended season. Will you join us in praising God for His generous provision?